Why high park residences Fernvale is a Popular Condominium?

High park residences @ Fernvale had a decent launch and many units were built up. The most widely held units that home buyers were going for was the penthouses. Thinking back, there are several reasons why High park residence was popular:

why high park residences fernvale is a popular condominium

1) First private condo in the area

High park residence is one of the first few private condo in the Fernvale. It is encompassed by several landed properties on one side of the improvement. Due to that, the occupants will have the capacity to get connected with all parts of the city. This could be one of the reasons why the penthouse units were offering quickly.

2) Plenty of enhancements

People who are new to this area would most likely imagine that it is extremely confined and has no civilities. They are off-base! Indeed, Fernvale has built up a lot in the late years. There is additionally forthcoming Seletar Mall and Water Town Point which will be prepared in a couple of years. Currently, you have a lot of shopping, eating and amusement choices at Fernvale Point, Rivervale Plaza, Compass Point, Hougang Plaza, and NEX Shopping Center.

3) Near to Nature

In the event that you are a nature mate, staying at high park residences fernvale will be ideal for you. You can take a walk, go for a run, have an outing or cycle along the parks with your family and companions whenever.

4) High Investment Potential

High park residence has a gigantic potential for capital increase in light of the fact that it is close to Sengkang Wafer Fabrication and the forthcoming Seletar Aerospace Park where an expected lots of employments will be created for very gifted and expert labourers’. In view of this, the advancement will be popular concerning deal and rent. You can practically expect a zero danger investment with everything to pick up in the event that you buy a unit at High park residence. No big surprise it was so popular when launched.