The story of Dragon Bane

Every digital game has a story behind it. Just like Max Payne or Arcane legends, Dragon Bane too has a story of its own to tell. It will helpful for all the Dragon Bane enthusiasts to play the game if they are equipped with the background tale. So here’s a brief summary of everything that happened in Holylight Land.

the story of dragon bane

Let us rewind to a time ten thousand years ago. Our area of focus is Holylight Land. This land was then under the rule of the mighty dragons. Nasty and evil, the other five races that inhabited Holylight Land wanted to break away from their oppressive rule. The other five races who were also inhabitants of this land were known as elves, the mighty dwarves, influential humans, wise goblins and the brave orcs. These five clans decided to take recourse to the power of unity and joined their hands in order to de throne the dragons. They raged a fierce war against the dragons and were successful in removing them from the seat of power of Holylight Land. All becomes peaceful as a new age known as Dawn Age appears.

However now comes a twist to the entire tale, which makes Dragon Bane so interesting. So many years later, Holylight Land is once again threatened today. A mighty but mean dragon has formed an army of his own and wants to gain control over Holylight Land again. Now, the task of the player of Dragon Bane is to find out whether the five forces can be united again or not. The player has to figure out ways to tackle this evil dragon and his formidable army. It is matter of life and death, a matter of pride of Holylight land.

The entire mystery and interest in the game gets accentuated, the moment one is aware of the context. Get started today quick by taking over a Dragon Bane account.