Why should you be excited about the Stars of Kovan?

Stars of Kovan happens to be one of the latest new properties in development by the well-known company named Asset Legend Limited. It is going to be composed of residential, commercial and other units as well aimed to make it more convenient and playful for the people going to be staying there. It is estimated to be opened by the year of 2020.

why should you be excited about the stars of kovan

It is being made sure that all the units in this Stars of Kovan complex are beautiful and equipped with all the latest facilities possible. That includes health clubs, swimming pools, playgrounds, golf courses, rooms for exercising, gyms, parking lots and so on, all of which will be available 24X7. Not to mention, there will be tight security overlooking all these services.

Project Details

  • The developer of this project is Asset Legend Limited.
  • It occupies a total area spanning 108,685 square feet in all.
  • The tenure for this project is 99 years on the lease.
  • The complex is located on Upper Serangoon road in district number 19.

Why opt for it?

  • The developer of this complex is pretty well known, especially for some of its works in recent years.
  • The number and quality of services provided by them are top-notch and state-of-the-art, to say the least.
  • Encircled with tons of shopping malls in and around the area like the NEX shopping mall, the Hougang Mall, the Heartland Mall, etc.
  • Also located extremely close to the Kovan MRT station.
  • Extremely profitable for property investors since they can get high rental returns from this complex.

So these are just some of the highlights that will undoubtedly make you feel excited about the Stars of Kovan. Find out more about this project at starsofkovancondo.com. It is needless to say that it is already shaping up to be one of the best condominiums in the area.


Gems Residence Condo: Services and facilities available at Toa Payoh

After a gap of seven years, Gem Residences are going to be developed in Singapore with leasehold of 99 years. With two blocks, one 37 storeys and other 38 storeys; it will have plenty of facilities and services accessible to you.

gems residence condo services and facilities available at toa payoh

Amenities at Gem Residences

Gem Residences located at Toa Payoh provides you with ample of facilities. It provides you multistoried car parking lot. For 538 units it has 538 parking lots. In addition, condominium also has 6 extra parking lots for handicaps.

Keeping in mind about health concern buyers this condominium also has a fitness center. Taking account your comfort the fitness center will be fully air-conditioned and well equipped with the latest machinery.
Apart from spacious parking lots and gyms this condominium has other amenities at your service, like-

  • 50 m lap pool
  • Tennis court
  • Clubhouse
  • Multi-purpose room
  • Function room
  • Playground

Other services available in near proximity

Besides luxuries amenities available inside the condominium, there are various facilities which you can find outside in close proximity. You will find-

  • Food court, groceries and retail shop are nearby
  • Condominium is very close to Macritchie Reservoir Park and United Medical Center
  • Schools and libraries are within reach
  • You will find banks close to condominium
  • Bus depot, cinema hall, and many more amenities are also available here

Gems Residence condo at heart of Toa Payoh

Gems Residence condo is located within the heart of Toa Payoh in Singapore. Toa Payoh, being a matured estate is the home to numerous shops and marketplace. Offices, shopping malls with retail outlets are found in Toa Payoh hub. With different commercial bases at Toa Payoh, it is a place of many hawker centers. Besides large-scale and small-scale stores, casual hang-out zone like a coffee shop is also available at Toa Payoh 4.


Living in Lake Grande condo

Lake Grande is a brand new condominium near to Jurong Lake District. The real estate firm has developed lot of land between the lakes and it is only few minutes’ walk from the MRT station. There are many shopping malls that are building around the lake. The retail hub like JCube shopping center, JEM shopping mall, IMM shopping Mall, Jurong point shopping mall are very much near the Lake Grande condo. There are many schools also which are very much near to Lake Grande. The school’s name is Rulang Primary School, Lakeside Primary School, River Valley High School, Canadian International School, Jurong Primary school and others. Science center in Jurong is also available for the kids.

living in lake grande condo

Live in Lake Grande condo

There are many options for lifestyle also. The Jurong lake park, Science Center, Club Golf Course, Sports, swimming pool, and Recreation center is also there. Thus there are many developments in the Lake and around the lake making it one of the most popular projects in the country. The systematic and accurate work of the developer has also made the project number one. The developer has a good past records and the trust has been build very strongly among the clients which has also helped them to be on the top.

Lake Grande has been approved by all the top officials and will soon become like a small city with all the modern facilities nearby. The stations, bus stations and the basic facilities can easily be found bear the location so that the people don’t have any trouble and they can live their life very peacefully and happily. The floor plans of Lake Grande will cover all the range of the unit types. The exact measures of the layout plans and unit types are yet not finalized as the approval from the higher authority is yet not come.


The clear path to happiness The Peak @ Shangri La

The Peak @ Shangri La story started in 1971 with their first fancy hotel in Singapore. Inspired by the unbelievable area and included in James Hilton’s 1933 novel Lost Horizon, the name Shangri-La typifies the quietness and administration for which the lodgings and resorts are eminent worldwide. Today, The Peak @ Shangri La hotels and Resorts is one of the driving extravagance inn bunches around the world. They are likewise viewed as one of the world’s finest lodging proprietorship and administration companies. Owning and/or dealing with 91 inns and resorts the Shangri-La gathering has a room stock of more than 38,000.

the clear path to happiness the peak shangri la


Shangri-La Lodging, Singapore, offers a broad scope of administrations and offices, bolstered by an accomplished staff. These include-

1. Complimentary Wi-Fi and broadband Web access
2. Non-smoking Rooms
3. Business Center
4. Privileges for the Physically Tested
5. Parking lots
6. Safe Store Box Administrations
7. Steward Administration in Suites (Valley Wing)
8. Complimentary Shoeshine Administration
9. Photograph Handling Administration
10. Postal/Messenger Administration
11. Clothing and Valet Administration
12. Singapore’s first CHI, The Spa
13. Travel & Transportation
14. 5 Eateries and 1 Bar
15. Meeting Rooms
16. Secretarial Administrations
17. Airplane terminal Exchange
18. Auto Rental Administration
19. City Transport Administration
20. Workstations
21. Printing of Business Cards and other Stationery and many more.


The Peak @ Shangri La set in the midst of 15 sections of land of rich greenery, The Peak @ Shangri La, Singapore is a spot like no other. Reliably voted as one of the best lodgings on the planet, this is the place the incredible Asian accommodation of Shangri-La started over 40 years back. With sumptuous guestrooms and suites in three unmistakable wings, overhauled flats and habitations in four-story estates this is the place one will get attracted to. After shopping in Singapore from the captivating roadside obsolescent shops one slows down to the fabulous new fashion shopping centers along the Plantation Street, the lavish asylum of Shangri-La, the greatly finished greenery enclosures that unwind poolside Singapore’s first CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La , The Waterfall, the Nadaman Japanese Eatery or Shang Royal residence .


Why high park residences Fernvale is a Popular Condominium?

High park residences @ Fernvale had a decent launch and many units were built up. The most widely held units that home buyers were going for was the penthouses. Thinking back, there are several reasons why High park residence was popular:

why high park residences fernvale is a popular condominium

1) First private condo in the area

High park residence is one of the first few private condo in the Fernvale. It is encompassed by several landed properties on one side of the improvement. Due to that, the occupants will have the capacity to get connected with all parts of the city. This could be one of the reasons why the penthouse units were offering quickly.

2) Plenty of enhancements

People who are new to this area would most likely imagine that it is extremely confined and has no civilities. They are off-base! Indeed, Fernvale has built up a lot in the late years. There is additionally forthcoming Seletar Mall and Water Town Point which will be prepared in a couple of years. Currently, you have a lot of shopping, eating and amusement choices at Fernvale Point, Rivervale Plaza, Compass Point, Hougang Plaza, and NEX Shopping Center.

3) Near to Nature

In the event that you are a nature mate, staying at high park residences fernvale will be ideal for you. You can take a walk, go for a run, have an outing or cycle along the parks with your family and companions whenever.

4) High Investment Potential

High park residence has a gigantic potential for capital increase in light of the fact that it is close to Sengkang Wafer Fabrication and the forthcoming Seletar Aerospace Park where an expected lots of employments will be created for very gifted and expert labourers’. In view of this, the advancement will be popular concerning deal and rent. You can practically expect a zero danger investment with everything to pick up in the event that you buy a unit at High park residence. No big surprise it was so popular when launched.


Floor Plans-To Understand the Plan of Your Home Better

Among the various upcoming housing condominiums Symphony Suites are the most promising for the locational advantages as well as the various amenities provided by them. However, before you buy any unit, you must check out the various floor plans. The reasons why you should check out the floor plans are as follows:

floor plans to understand the plan of your home better

Visualize your home before you make advance

If you can see the floor plan of the rooms of the Symphony Suites Singapore, then you can visualize how your new home would look like. You can decide which floor plan would be best suited for you and decide where you can put which furniture. It allows you to imagine your home before they are actually constructed.

Make your decisions faster

Even if you see the photographs of how the rooms would be, you simply cannot make out the whole plan in your mind. However, if you have the floor plan in your hand then you can actually make out which room is located beside which one and how you may utilize them. Your decision making becomes fast once you have the floor plan in your hands.

Helps to understand the proper layout

If you see the various floor plans of Symphony Suites, you would be able to understand how they would look like, where the doors would be facing, which side would be the window and many such questions. In simple words the layout would be clear in front of you. If you believe in feng shui for home making, then it would help a lot on deciding the position of each room.

Hence, before you finally choose any apartment, either that is of two rooms or 4 rooms, make sure that you have seen the floor plan properly. You can decide easily how your room would look like and how you can make it more attractive.


City gate the future is taking shape in here

Singapore is one of richest capital cities in the world. It has recently also become the money capital of the entire world. The GDP generated by this single city is much more than that of the some of the countries of the world. The city is dwelled by about 3 million people. The working population is also much more than that of some of the countries. Technology they stand in the third most successful position in the world. The rest developments that are going on in this area is in the city gate area of the beach road.

city gate the future is taking shape in here

Geographically speaking, Singapore is the best place to make a future and start a new business. The city is both home to the mountains and the seas. These make the place a must visit for the tourists who visits thus place in millions.

Lifestyle at the beach road area

The beach road area nurtures the richest people in the entire city. The people in here do not go for any kind of conflicts. They live by the consensus. There is no quarrel or argument that results in a fight. As the cost of property in this area is very high. There are only few people of the world that can afford living in such areas. City Gate beach road is the name of the new mixed development in this area. Huge number of condominiums are being made to support the growing population. These areas are also being made rich with convenient modes of transportation. These places are for those people who come to Singapore and eventually decide to stay there.

The future at beach road

The works taking place at City Gate beach road are one of most fastest growing constructions in the entire world. They are making malls that can give space to all the brands of the world. This would be the largest mall in the world. And they have been planning to make a city that is much more advanced than the other cities of the world.


How it is possible to go natural breast enlargement?

The women breasts are mostly made with tissues. In general sense if you lose your body weight then you will lose the size of your breasts. To avoid your weight lose as well as to keep the appropriate size of your breast and natural breast enlargement you should continue some specific whole body exercise and maintain diet control. Unfortunately some women believe that it is possible to burn the fat in specific areas of their body by significant exercising of those particular areas.

how it is possible to go natural breast enlargement


It is true that you can burn the fat or decrease fat in your whole body, but you never increase or decrease the fat just from specific areas of the body. However, you can specifically build your muscle by focusing specific areas with strength based exercise. For natural breast enlargement you should practice good posture. For an immediate enlargement of your bust size, just straighten up then stand up straight and then hold your head above as well as draw your shoulder reverse. You should keep your neck straight up and down without little forward. Drive your chest out quietly so that you stand and then walk. Now, you will surely observe the changes of your breast size and shape.

Wear tops having embellishments over your chest:

You can improve the appearance of your breast as bigger size by simple wearing dresses that emphasize your natural curves. You can wear the shirts printed with horizontal striped on the chest to emphasize their breast larger than they actually are.

Wear the appropriate bra size:

You should not wear the too large or too small bra because your breast will look smaller than its actual size and you will also feel uneasy if you wear such type of bras. You should use a pad fitting or pushup bra which can add visible size to your breast and make your breast looks perkier like. You should also avoid wearing thin or tight bras.

Last of all, you can eat some high quality pills or message some good quality breast enlargement creams in right manner throughout your breast as natural breast enlargement theory.

Hot and cold water dispenser- Serves you the year round

The hot and cold water dispenser serves you through out with its capacity to supply pure water to you in clod as well as hot states. These appliances are easy to use, cost-optimized and you can use it the year-round.

hot and cold water dispenser serves you the year round

Stoning 2 birds simultaneously

Even if you are convinced with the merits of the water dispensers to shield your health, a concern might lie upon your mind that for the hotter and the chillier months of the year, you would need two different sets of these appliances, which might prove expensive. However, the market has the availability of hot and cold water dispenser, a single dispensing device from which you can get the hot and the cold water, trough out the year.

A water dispenser that serves you the year round

There is no doubt on the extent on the health hazards that the drinking of impure water can offer to the health. This makes inevitable that your homes and offices have the water dispensers installed that will ensure that you get filtered and enjoyable drinking water. The hot and cold water dispenser gives you the option to select the temperature of the water and thus the facts like the warming of the tap water in the summer or the chilled water in the winters are not becoming the excuses for you to drink water in lower volumes than the ideal extent.


  • These devices can be accommodated upon the least of the space
  • You get hot and cold water at the same time
  • You would not need to put significant time and efforts to up keep these devices

Pricing and availability

You would be getting diversified range of hot and cold water dispensers available for reasonable prices at the physical as well as the stores over the web domain.

The story of Dragon Bane

Every digital game has a story behind it. Just like Max Payne or Arcane legends, Dragon Bane too has a story of its own to tell. It will helpful for all the Dragon Bane enthusiasts to play the game if they are equipped with the background tale. So here’s a brief summary of everything that happened in Holylight Land.

the story of dragon bane

Let us rewind to a time ten thousand years ago. Our area of focus is Holylight Land. This land was then under the rule of the mighty dragons. Nasty and evil, the other five races that inhabited Holylight Land wanted to break away from their oppressive rule. The other five races who were also inhabitants of this land were known as elves, the mighty dwarves, influential humans, wise goblins and the brave orcs. These five clans decided to take recourse to the power of unity and joined their hands in order to de throne the dragons. They raged a fierce war against the dragons and were successful in removing them from the seat of power of Holylight Land. All becomes peaceful as a new age known as Dawn Age appears.

However now comes a twist to the entire tale, which makes Dragon Bane so interesting. So many years later, Holylight Land is once again threatened today. A mighty but mean dragon has formed an army of his own and wants to gain control over Holylight Land again. Now, the task of the player of Dragon Bane is to find out whether the five forces can be united again or not. The player has to figure out ways to tackle this evil dragon and his formidable army. It is matter of life and death, a matter of pride of Holylight land.

The entire mystery and interest in the game gets accentuated, the moment one is aware of the context. Get started today quick by taking over a Dragon Bane account.